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The Citadel is happy to hear from parents of young people who use the Citadel services. If you have any worries or concerns about family life that we can help with, please talk to us. Contact any member of staff by calling 0131 554 0510.

Download a Parent Consent Form from our downloads page for your child - we ask all new members to complete one of these

The Citadel enjoys the support of parents on our management committee, and in our local community, for example in our fundraising activities. Click here to see the ways you can support us.

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Referring a young person

Why make a referral?

The Citadel’s doors are open to any child or young person living in Leith (aged 6 to 18), and all our open youth clubs can be accessed without making a referral. However, we recognise that many children and young people will benefit, at times, from some extra support. This might be an adult to talk to about problems they are having at school or at home, practical advice on things such as moving school or looking for employment, or just some extra help to make friends in a new youth club. In any of these cases, it would be useful to fill out a referral form, to make sure that the child or young person receives the help they need.

Who can make a referral?

Referrals can be made by young people themselves, their parents/carers, or other adults who know the young person such as school teachers or social workers. Children and young people already attending our youth clubs, or their parents/carers, will often approach us for help, in preference to other agencies who they do not know. In these cases, a member of the Citadel team will meet with the young person or their parents to fill out the referral form with them. If a school, social worker or other agency wishes to refer a child or young person, they must seek the permission and the views of the young person and, if under sixteen, their parents/carers. It is also helpful if they discuss potential referrals with us, either by telephone, or at forums such as pupil support groups.

How do you make a referral?

Copies of the Citadel Youth Centre referral form can be requested in person, by telephone (0131 554 0510), by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or can be downloaded from our downloads page.

This referal form can be used to refer a child or young person to any of the Citadel’s youth work services: individual support; group work; or a supported place in an open youth club.

Individual Support

If a child or young person is offered individual support at the Citadel, they will be allocated a keyworker, who will arrange initial meetings with the young person, and, if appropriate, their parents/carers and the referring agency. Our approach to individual support is young person centred. Citadel keyworkers will work with young people to help them identify their own priorities, which will form the basis of our action plan. The keyworker will meet with the child or young person for weekly 1:1 sessions, which may take place in school or at the Citadel. After three months, the keyworker will review the action plan with the child or young person. With the young person’s permission, parent/carer(s), referrers, school staff and other agencies may be invited to contribute to the review.

Group Work and Projects

Children and young people will often benefit from being supported as part of a small group. Group members are able to help each other and develop their skills and confidence together. Our group work programmes are generally short term (8 to 12 weeks) and focused on a particular issue.

Opportunities to refer to specific groups will be advertised to young people and their parents/carers in our open youth clubs and to schools and other agencies through forums such as pupil support groups.

To find out more about our current projects/groupwork click here.

Open Youth Clubs

Children and young people can be referred for additional support to settle into any of our open youth clubs:

If a child or young person is offered a supported place in a youth club, a worker from the club will arrange a meeting with the young person, the referrer, and, if appropriate, the parent/carer(s) to agree the level of support to be provided (for example, a volunteer ‘buddy’ in the club, or separate transport arrangements). The young person’s attendance and progress at the club will be recorded weekly and, after three months, the young person, the referrer and parent/carer(s) will be invited to attend a review. This review will consider what level of ongoing support, if any, is required to enable the young person to benefit from the club.

To find out more about our open youth clubs click here.


The Citadel is committed to promoting the privacy and welfare of children and young people. We aim to ensure that all our service users are involved, at a level appropriate to their age, in any discussion or decisions affecting them, such as case reviews or pupil support groups. We will not routinely share information regarding a child or young person with other agencies, without their consent. However, there may be exceptions, when the welfare of a child or young person is at risk, and we are obliged to share our concerns with statutory agencies.



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