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Anti-Bullying Policy

At the Citadel Youth Centre we aim to provide a safe and welcoming place for ALL children and young people in the community. All staff (paid and voluntary) are expected to challenge behaviour and attitudes which make individuals or groups of children feel unsafe or unwelcome at the Citadel. This includes all forms of bullying, such as physical aggression; threats; name calling; spreading rumours; purposely leaving people out. The Citadel's policy is to ‘condemn the behaviour, not the person'. Although we take steps to challenge behaviour and ensure other young people are not hurt by bullying, we will continue to provide services to children/young people who bully.

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Child Protection policy

The Citadel follows the code of practice set out by City of Edinburgh Council. We aim to provide an environment in which there are caring and safe relationships between adults and children.  For such relationships to develop, we use informed common sense and sound professional practice.

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Confidentiality policy

Information about young people is not passed outside the Citadel staff team without young people's permission, unless staff feel a young person (or another young person) will be at risk in some way, when information may be passed on whether or not a young person has given permission.

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